Gen 1 RoA Spotlight Tournament: RBY PU - Winner: Sabelette!

- ROUND 3 -
It's RBY PU time again.

VyoletRayn  vs  Volk
 vs  Acetylaldehyde
[Mr.Bossaru]  vs  Gastlies
 vs  [giove97]
kenny  vs  phoopes
Mirbro  vs  Pkonob31
nicole7735  vs  MrSoup
Shaneghoul  vs  yimb
 vs  [Sificon]
Ice Yazu  vs  Murman
Toxin boost  vs  NotVeryCake
TheDougArt  vs  Wanted in 49 States
 vs  SponsoredPost
Rage  vs  Tree69420
Xr_Kartana  vs  mrextrazy
[Chermal]  vs  Bye

2-0 Bracket:
1-1 Bracket:
0-2 Bracket:

Act cases:
Bossaru vs. Sificon: EXTENSION. Please do not attempt to weaponize the scheduling system, I have had to address claiming activity for a time that was not agreed on before and do not want this entire tour to consist of a weekly reminder to look at the tour scheduling guidelines. Please refer to the aforementioned guidelines, linked there, with pictures, if you find difficulty in scheduling your matches.

Chermal vs. giove97: Extension, best of luck scheduling and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Try to get your match out of the way early to avoid further scheduling issues, and apologies to Chermal for the date being off on the R2 post.

If the extensions are not played by Wednesday, they will be coinflipped. Just like the next five (Ignore Murman/Sabelette it's 4 in the morning and I'm not voiced on smogtours). phoopes vs. Xr_Kartana, pac vs. sleid, mrextrazy vs. yimb, TheDougArt vs. Rage, and kenny vs. SponsoredPost were all coinflipped due to lack of any evidence in scheduling on any of the walls, any posts in the thread, or otherwise. To avoid future coinflips, please schedule in a way that I can realistically see, I really don't like having to coinflip games let alone this many.

The deadline for this round is Sunday, October 1, at 11:59 PM GMT-5. The deadline for asking for extensions is Wednesday, September 27, at 11:59 PM GMT-5. Aside from all that, best of luck to you all and make sure to let me know if there are any questions or concerns.
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calling act as the opponent missed the time we had scheduled (I waited for 30 mins after I contacted). Proof in their wall.
- ROUND 4 -
Apologies for the delays, lack of sleep is no excuse for a lack of PU games. Here! We! GO!

TehTayTeh  vs  Volk
Sabelette  vs  Gastlies
Acetylaldehyde  vs  kenny
Mr.Bossaru  vs  VyoletRayn
giove97  vs  Mirbro
Toxin boost  vs  yimb
nicole7735  vs  Ice Yazu
pac  vs  Wanted in 49 States
MrSoup  vs  TheDougArt
Pkonob31  vs  Murman
Sificon  vs  xmanpdx
NotVeryCake  vs  Rage
Xr_Kartana  vs  phoopes
Shaneghoul  vs  [Winner of Chermal vs. sleid]
SponsoredPost  vs  [Loser of Chermal vs. sleid]
Tree69420  vs  mrextrazy

Coinflips needed to be made for wherever there was an equal amount of effort put in or there was no scheduling efforts made. Links opted to flip for an entire side all at once this time (the flip result in the attached image), I'll try to get around to being voiced on smogtours one of these days. Particularly for phoopes vs kenny, I can see a time was scheduled, but because no replay was sent I have to post this under the assumption no match was played. It is always unfortunate to make these coinflips, even if this is only a spotlight tour.

I believe the only pure act claim I had to really decide on was Wanted in 49 States vs. TheDougArt, TheDougArt was contacted but never responded so the win goes to Wanted in 49 States.

For Chermal vs. sleid, I got clarification from higher-ups and will be extending it so it can be played as intended. It was by my mistake that sleid did not appear in the R2 bracket and did not get pinged to play the match out on time. Apologies to anyone who has to schedule vs. extensions because of this, it's much better than coinflipping and removing any skill from the equation. While this technically counts as an extension, I want to do my best to give sleid the amount of time they deserved from the beginning. Should there not be any availabilities by Wednesday at 11:59PM EST, let me know and I'll work with y'all from there the best I can.

Match replays are mandatory, and for Round 4 will be due by Sunday, October 8, at 11:59PM EDT (GMT-4). Please ask for any extensions by Wednesday, October 4, 11:59PM EDT (GMT-4). I wish you all the best of luck with your games, and look forward to seeing all your replays (hopefully, without too much hax).



And, a word before we get to our regularly scheduled bloodshed - I'd like to apologize for R4 going up a bit clumsily. I'm running on ~2.5h of sleep, but that does not mean I get to casually delay the tournament. I made some mistakes, from which I intend to learn (re: not posting this earlier and sleid not being in R3's bracket), but even without them things can always be run smoother. Is this a smaller tour than smth like a PL? Maybe. Does that let me slack off? I don't think so.

That said, I'll be sleeping for a while, but even if I don't respond right away my DMs are always open and I'll always get around to 'em. If y'all have questions/concerns, lmk and I'll get 'em sorted. Tour concerns, why an act case went the way it did, or even if you just want to chat. Also, if I missed something in the post, lmk, I'd rather look like a goof for a moment than be one forever.

Okay, enough of the depressing stuff, let's distract ourselves from reality with some good old fashioned PU.


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